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About Us

Our story


ÔSinguliers is the perfect mix between fashion and originality.Style


For women, there are so many options and to be fair they always have the right fit. For a specific occasion or to go to work, they can find the perfect style. The choices are unlimited.


But what about us, men. Always the same style, the same color. Not much originality around us and we often find ourselves thinking: “I would have liked it in another material” or “ Nice shoes, but I wish I could mix colors”.


This is what I thought 3 years ago when I started ÔSingulier(S). I was always passionate by shoes but I wanted more style and express myself through my shoes. What about even add a little touch with my name on them for instance.


In this quest for more style, I have gathered around me a team sharing the same spirit and passion: ÔSingulier(S) was born with the goal to offer amazing custom made shoes.


The idea is to give you an easy way to design your shoes the way you want them to match your style. ÔSingulier(S) has at its core 3 values: Singularity, Modernity and Quality. Those values can be found in our brand: ÔSingulier(S) is the French for Singular as in being different, being unique.


We have developed a wide range of products, with leathers from Italy, to make sure the shoes you create are unique.


Model, material, colors, stitching, soles and laces, everything can be customized. Not enough for you, you can also engrave them to get perfect final touch.

Finally, we have not forgotten the ones that always struggle to find a pair of shoes: we offer sizes up to 15 and also cater for different widths.


Being ÔSingulier(S), it is being unique and distinctive.

Being ÔSingulier(S), it is not compromising on quality or creativity.

Thomas, founder of ÔSingulier(S)


Who is behind ÔSinguliers

We have created ÔSingulier(s) so that you can create products that express the inner you and let your imagination run free. The company revolves around three main values: Singularity, Modernity and Quality. These three values can be found in our name, our logo and our slogan: “For unique men”.

Behind ÔSingulier(S), there is a team of three passionate members:


Ana, passionate about fashion, from the swimsuit to the handbag, is responsible for marketing, communication and new collections. Sparkling  and curious, Ana can spend hours looking for the little extra that makes the difference.

Graduated with a Master in International Business, she has been working for 6 years as Product Manager in the field of New Technologies. She likes: glitter, Champagne, the vintage and NYC. She hates: the misspellings and radishes.




Thomas, passionate about shoes and technologies, is in charge of the website and the management of the project. Serious and motivated, Thomas never hesitates to throw himself into a project he deeply believes in.

Holder of a Master in Computer Sciences and in Management of Projects, he has worked for 3 years in London in those fields. He especially likes shoes, sport, technologies and cinema. He likes less : standards and spinaches.

His website:
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Nils is in charge of the product manufacture, the logistics and the administration of the company.

Engineer from a renowned school, Nils worked as a Project Manager for several companies in France and abroad. He is also in charge of the communication for a festival of Jazz in France.




ÔSingulier(S), it is alos Xavier, Eric, Aurélie, Quentin, Raphaël, Muriel, Flora, Guillaume, Clément and all the people that helped us throughout the project.