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Who are we?

We have created ÔSingulier(s) so that you can make products that express the inner you and let your imagination run free. The company revolves around 3 main values: Singularity, modernity and high quality. These 3 values can be found in our name, our logo and our slogan: “For unique men”.

Behind ÔSingulier(S), there is a team of 3 members passionate about the product:

Pic Ana



Ana, who is passionate about fashion, from swimsuits to handbags, is responsible for marketing, communications and new collections. Sparkling and curious, Ana can spend hours looking for that little extra that makes the difference. She graduated with a Master’s degree in International Business and she has been working for 6 years as a Product Manager in the field of New Technology. She likes: glitter, Champagne, anything vintage and NYC. She hates: misspelling and radishes.





Thomas, who is passionate about shoes and technology, is in charge of the website and the management of the project. Serious and motivated, Thomas never hesitates to throw himself into a project that he deeply believes in. He holds a Master’s degree in Computer Science and in Project management, and has worked in this field for 3 years in London. He especially likes shoes, sport, technology and cinema. He dislikes: standards and spinach







Nils is in charge of the manufacture of the product, the logistics and the administration of the company. 

An engineer from a renowned school, Nils has worked as a project manager for several companies in France and abroad.  He is also in charge of communication for a Jazz Festival in France.




ÔSingulier(S) is also composed by Erick, Aurélie, Quentin, Raphaël, Muriel, Flora, Guillaume, Clément and all the people that helped us throughout the project.