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Refer a friend

Derby, Loafer, Oxford, you don't know which combinaison to choose?

ÔSingulier(S) has the perfect solution: Sponsor your relatives (Friends or family?) and get amazing discounts ! 


To do so is simple: ask your relatives to write your name in the comment section of their order and receive 5% discount for your next order which will be added for each new person sponsored by you. You can get up to (or a maximum of) 30% discount, depending on the number of people you sponsor. 


- 1 person sponsored  = 5% discount.

- 2 people sponsored  = 10 % discount.

- 6 people sponsored = 30 % discount.

- 7 people sponsored = 30 % discount.


Reductions from sponsorships will not be in conjunction with other promotions offered by the website or with gift cards.

The reduction received by the sponsorship is only valid for a single transaction. If the customer wants to receive a new reduction sponsorship, (s)he will need to sponsor new customers..


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