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Let me tell you the story of of how we make your shoes at ÔSingulier(S) ! 

The shoes at ÔSingulier(S) are manufactured at our factory in Portugal, in the Porto area.

This area, famous for its sweet red wine, is best known for its expertise and its ancestral know-how of shoe making. 

Produced at the unit, every ÔSingulier(S) shoe is unique, designed by you and for you

Each shoe is handmade.



The manufacturing process begins when you complete your order and when we receive your design with all the specifications that you have chosen.

We transform the design of your shoes on to a technical sheet that will be sent to one of our workshops in Portugal.

Once the document is received by the workshop, the first step will be to choose the form and tools for creating your model.



It is with great care that our artisans choose the leather that will form your shoes to offer you an exceptionaly quality product.

All our leathers come from Italy. 



The selected leather is then delivered to our cutter that cuts the leathers depending on the shape of your chosen shoes and the product description.

It is after the cutting step that the leather can be engraved with your preferred choice of your initials, your first name or a drawing.



Once all these steps are completed, the leather is transmitted to the Quilting workshop where all the pieces are assembled to form your customed shoes.

The huntsman checks through the technical sheet to ensure that the sewing thread is the one you have chosen.

He will then slowly and carefully work on assembling the different leather of your shoe.

The appearance of your shoe is closely related to the regularity of his work.

Similarly, the strength and life of your product depends on the quality of the stitching.

The pieces of leather are assembled form the rod which is placed on the form to start a shoe.

The sole is then sewn according to the method of Blake welting



Your pair of shoes is however not yet quite complete.

We must add the laces, clean and pampered: with very fine sandpaper, our craftsmen will smooth the leather and clean it with a brush and lastly they will add the inner sole.

Finally your pair of shoes is placed in its box and wrapped in tissue paper.

A final quality control allows us to release the product and send it to you safely with our carrier. 

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