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Good Bye

04/07/2017 22:44

Important Notice!

It is with regret that we have to announce that Ôsinguliers will close in August 2017. 

It has been a great adventure and we are so grateful to all our customers who have contributed to our journey

For those who still want to get a unique custom made pair of shoes before we close down, you can place an order until the 16th of July

You can use the code GOODBYE to get an exclusive 15% off.

On behalf of all the team of Osinguliers, we would like to thank you all for your support.

Tom, Ana and Nils

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Study on large and big feet

01/05/2017 12:49

Hi Gentlemen,

If a majority of people "got up on the wrong foot" is just an expression for other it is a real problem.

And rightfully, our feet become bigger and bigger, larger and larger according to multiple studies conducted by either french or british organisms. So who is responsible. We cannot blame anyone but fashion plays a role in it. Yes, sneakers and trainers are really confortable, trendy and design, you can find one according to what you prefer. Everyone is now wearing trainers and they are more and more stylish. But it has an effect on the enlargement of our feet.

In term of design i...

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Chelsea boots men shoes

08/03/2017 23:37

What is a chelsea boots?

Before anything let see the chelsea boot style and the construction of a chelsea boot:

The Men Chelsea boots

The chelsea boots is a slip on shoes which means there is no laces.

The main element that defines a chelsea boots and that everyone recognise is the elastic panel and of course the loop or tab on the back.

It is a ankle-high boots though you sometimes find low style chelsea boots.

So let's see in details.

The Elastic Side Panel

This is the fondamental element in a chelsea boots. It could have different shape. It is though usually rounded such as in the example below:

elastic chelsea boots


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Shoes Styles

04/02/2017 12:48

 Tell me what you wear, I will tell you who you are.


Whether classic, trendy, dizzy, rising, with loops or laces, the shoe you wear match your personality and even your lifestyle.

There are thousand of choices available and yours will be oriented according to what you fancy what you like or what you need, or even simply your mood of the day. In this article, we will introduce you to all the options you have in order to start off the right foot.

Men or women, no one will be neglected, we prepared for you a selection of designs in order to put on whatever you can wear in all circumstances.

First of...

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ÔSingulier(S) is launching a crowdfunding campaign to make custom-made men shoes more accessible. 

Today ÔSingulier(S) has 5 models of shoes, countless customizations and loyal customers.

Soon, we would like to offer a new model of shoe, the Derby Boots and more customizations. Our goal: give you more quality, comfort and style!


After one year of existing, we are launching today a campaign on the crowdfunding platform KissKissBankBank. The campaign goal is to raise 8000 Euros in order to significantly increase our offer of formal dress shoes for the men who care about quality, comfort and above ...

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nubuck vs suede

Suede VS Nubuck

Suede vs Nubuck

Have you ever wondered what the difference is? I know as a shoe lover, I never really quite understood it and must admit that it can be quite confusing. But what really differs between these two materials? On looks alone, there are similarities as they are usually made of from the hide of a lamb, calf, goat or even deer.

The Differences

So let’s divulge a bit more into the details. The way they are manufactured and the process is one of the key elements that differentiates between the two leathers. While both of them are created through the process of brushing/sandi...

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Ken Bruen said: “this is the shoes that makes the men, spit polish them until you can see yourself in them”

Who would express it as good as this irish famous writer. Certainly not us.

 Here at Ôsinguiers , we share his opinion 100% because we believe a man’s personality is revealed not only through the shoes he wears but  alsohow he cares for them. Our shoes are tested everyday by our lifestyle, that usually involve a lot of walking, but should not discredited the man we are because of a lack of care.

The dictates of the men fashion are demanding and if the fashion “faux pas” is really bad seen, ...

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ÔSingulier(S) specialises in customised shoes and new for 2016 introduces you to their "Look Book"- a gallery full of styles to inspire you when creating your very own shoes.


Leather, fur, velvet, satin or returned skin.

This season’s must have are composed of materials which are in-depth and detailed; full of vibrancy and visible.

Recurring in fashion shows, they are distinguished by their prized features and killer stylish trends.

ÔSingulier(S) offers smooth leathers and returned skins commonly called Nubuck. For more depth, we recommend you to create your shoes mixing these two type o...

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